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Take control of your finances with neonFin, the ultimate budget book app. Track spending, stay on budget, and enjoy advanced statistics and AI-powered receipt scanning.

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What is neonFin?

neonFin is a comprehensive budget book application designed to empower users in managing their finances effortlessly. This innovative app serves as a personal financial detective, unveiling concealed spending patterns, and offering advanced statistics, AI-driven receipt scanning, along with an interactive points system.


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neonFin Use Cases

Use neonFin's AI-powered receipt and barcode scanning feature to easily add new purchases to your budget

Track your expenses by category and see your spending habits over time with neonFin's advanced analytics

Create budgets for CO2 emissions, average nutriscore, and more with neonFin

Earn points and unlock levels as you stick to your budget with neonFin's engaging points system

Access your budget from anywhere, at any time with neonFin's optimized platform for computers and mobile devices

Protect your privacy with neonFin's GDPR-compliant data storage

See what other users have to say about neonFin's budgeting app

Take control of your finances by registering with neonFin to manage your finances on any device

Learn more about neonFin's features and offerings on their homepage

Find out about neonFin's pricing plans

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