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Discover authentic human-made content with Nonbot - the solution to verifying AI-generated content. Stay confident in what you read. Try it now!

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What is Nonbot?

Nonbot.org is a platform dedicated to addressing the rise of AI-generated content by assisting users in discovering and validating human-made content. With a focus on content creators, it offers a space for them to declare their work as authentically human-created and offers a platform to exhibit these declarations.



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Nonbot FQA

  • How can I be sure that what I'm reading is 100% human?icon plus
  • Where can I make my pledge?icon plus
  • Where should I place my pledge badge?icon plus
  • Is there a cost for pledging my content?icon plus
  • What is AI-generated content?icon plus

Nonbot Use Cases

Verify and find human-made content.

Join these content creators in pledging their work as human-made.

AI Chatbots Have Been Used To Create Dozens of News Content Farms

Europe to ChatGPT: Disclose Your Sources

We are hurtling toward a glitchy, spammy, scammy, AI-powered internet

Authors risk losing copyright if AI content is not disclosed, US guidance says

How does Nonbot work?

Once I get my badge, where should I place it?

Is there a cost with pledging my digital or physical content?

What is AI-generated content/text?

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