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Discover Noon AI, the AI-powered talent-sourcing platform that revolutionizes your talent pipeline. Scale effortlessly in-house and save on agency fees. Try now!

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What is Noon AI?

Noon is an AI-driven recruitment platform designed to help businesses effortlessly discover top-tier talent for their toughest job positions.



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Noon AI Use Cases

Deploy intelligent AI agents to handle your sourcing, enabling your teams to hire at a fraction of the cost.

Candidate evaluation can now be fully automated using autonomous AI agents.

Run AI Agents 24/7, completely hands-free

Every decision is open for assessment and improvement

Create or hibernate Agents to meet volume fluctuations

Establish integrations with any HR vendor in seconds

Noon easily surfaces the best candidate profiles for your roles and helps you craft personalized outreach messages in seconds.

The models powering our Agents are trained on millions of candidate data points.

Say goodbye to manual processes. Noon integrates with any recruiting stack to save you time and frustration. Give us your criteria, and we'll take care of the rest.

Delightfully effective experience... delivered a principal software engineer to offer within a month. It’s remarkably helpful to access a sophisticated curation of candidates across tough-to-fill roles from the first week!

We consistently found high quality candidates for very niche positions and a high internal hiring bar. Noon was a game-changer for us!

Noon has surpassed all my expectations. It’s the fastest and easiest tool I’ve ever used for high-quality pipelines, especially for our niche technical roles, and I love the incredible customer service.

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