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Nvidia GPU Cloud (NGC)

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Unlock the power of GPU resources with Nvidia GPU Cloud (NGC). Access deep learning software, pre-trained models, and hassle-free GPU servers from anywhere. Save time and money with NGC's secure and user-friendly cloud platform.

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What is Nvidia GPU Cloud (NGC)?

NGC (Nvidia GPU Cloud) is a cloud-based platform that grants users access to robust GPU resources and a comprehensive range of deep learning software and applications. By using NGC, users can effortlessly set up and utilize GPU servers from any location, eliminating the need for dedicated hardware. Additionally, NGC provides an extensive library of pre-trained deep learning models and readily available software, allowing users to swiftly commence their projects. The user-friendly web-based interface of NGC ensures a hassle-free experience, while its high level of security enables utilization with various cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. With NGC, users can optimize their time and budget by harnessing the exceptional performance of GPU resources available in the cloud.


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Nvidia GPU Cloud (NGC) FQA

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Nvidia GPU Cloud (NGC) Use Cases

AI Playground: Code Llama - Code Llama is a code-specialized version of Llama 2. It can generate code, and natural language about code, from both code and natural language prompts.

AI Playground: NeVA - NeVA is a multi-modal vision-language model that understands text and images and generates informative responses.

AI Playground: Stable Diffusion XL - Stable Diffusion XL (SDXL) enables you to generate expressive images with shorter prompts and insert words inside images.

AI Playground: Llama 2 - Llama 2 is a large language AI model capable of generating text and code in response to prompts.

NVIDIA AI - End-to-End AI Development & Deployment Collection - Deep Learning - This is a collection of performance-optimized frameworks, SDKs, and models to build Computer Vision and Speech AI applications.

Deep Learning Frameworks Collection - Deep Learning - This collection contains performance-optimized AI frameworks including PyTorch and TensorFlow

HPC Collection - High Performance Computing - This collection provides access to the top HPC applications for Molecular Dynamics, Quantum Chemistry, and Scientific visualization.

NGC - Getting Started Collection - Beginner - Looking to get started with containers and models on NGC? This is the place to start.

DCGM - Manage and Monitor GPUs in Cluster Environments.

Validator for NVIDIA GPU Operator - Validates NVIDIA GPU Operator components

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