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Discover the perfect story ideas and media contacts effortlessly with OnePitch. Access over 7 million influencers and outlets, build relationships, track success, and optimize your strategies. The ultimate tool for content creators and PR professionals.

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What is OnePitch?

OnePitch is a valuable tool designed to enhance SEO by assisting content creators and PR professionals in finding ideal story ideas and media contacts. This powerful platform allows users to effortlessly search for innovative ideas and relevant contacts, facilitating the creation of personalized pitches with just one click. With access to an extensive network of over 7 million media outlets and influencers, including journalists, bloggers, podcasters, and influencers, OnePitch simplifies the process of discovering compelling story ideas and establishing connections with key media contacts. By harnessing its comprehensive database of media contacts, users can swiftly identify the most suitable outlets to pitch their stories, develop well-crafted and tailored pitches, and monitor the effectiveness of their efforts. Furthermore, the platform offers users in-depth analytics and insights regarding their media outreach, empowering them to optimize their strategies and achieve optimal results. Whether you are a content creator or a PR professional, OnePitch is the ultimate tool to assist you in finding the perfect story ideas and media contacts for enhanced SEO.


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OnePitch Use Cases

Increase productivity by putting journalist selection and media research on auto-pilot.

Let your team focus on the story by using AI to deliver a precise media list for optimal relevance.

Build credibility for your brand and pitch journalists with confidence using our expansive database of media contacts.

Take the guesswork out of your earned media strategy. Our matching technology delivers a precise media list for every pitch, making it easier for your team to drive interest, secure placements, and increase brand affinity.

Upload your pitch template, text field, or press release and receive a curated media list in seconds.

In less than 5 seconds, our technology reviews millions of data points across top tier and trade news outlets to analyze your pitch.

Receive a curated media list of relevant journalists best suited to cover your news along with metrics to help you identify why they are a good match.

Send emails, track your outreach, create custom media lists, and follow up with journalists all within the platform.

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