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Take control of your well-being with ONVY. This innovative health management tool empowers you to reach your peak physical health and mental fitness. Experience a new era of whole-person wellness with our AI-powered insights.

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What is ONVY?

ONVY is a revolutionary personal health management tool that allows you to take control of your well-being. With ONVY, you become the CEO of your health, entering a new era of holistic wellness. Our advanced Health AI converts data insights into practical advice, empowering you to achieve the highest level of physical fitness and mental well-being.



Pros VS Cons

ONVY offers personalized health advice, focuses on physical and brain health, provides weight management guidance, disease risk reduction support, and helps improve regular activities, while also offering mindfulness-based treatments, reducing anxiety and depression, lowering blood pressure, aiding in sleep improvement, managing chronic stress, connecting to 300+ wearables, and providing actionable insights and support for load management, injury prevention, and interconnections of fitness areas, and it is approved by high-performers and free to start using.
However, ONVY is only available on iOS, has limited wearable integrations, no API or desktop version, doesn't integrate physical exercise, and lacks transparency about data usage.

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