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Unlock the power of data analysis with OpenOs. This AI-powered platform seamlessly integrates databases, payment gateways, and ML models like GPT and Bert. Experience the ease of creating reports, writing queries, and making forecasts using natural language.

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What is OpenOs?

OpenOs is a cutting-edge no-code predictive analysis tool designed to empower users in extracting valuable data insights effortlessly. With its intuitive natural language to SQL interface, advanced analytics capabilities, and the option to develop predictive models, OpenOs revolutionizes the way teams in marketing, product, and customer success make informed decisions by leveraging the potential of data science.


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OpenOs FQA

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OpenOs Use Cases

Build predictive models to predict churn, roas, conversions, sales & more

Get real-time, predictive insights on user behavior

Perform feature analysis and smart segmentation

Query your database using natural language

Build time series models to forecast revenue, inventory, sales, and other metrics

Optimize campaigns and identify key attributes linked to performance for marketing teams

Get priority lists of users to engage with and insights on conversion for sales and customer success teams

Understand the predicted impact of product or feature releases on key metrics for product teams

Integrate with tools like Stripe, Razorpay, MongoDB, Mixpanel, and Amplitude

Browse the latest articles and resources on the blog

See how leading consumer-tech platforms are using OpenOs

Access frequently asked questions and talk to the OpenOs team

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