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Discover Orbofi, the innovative AI platform that empowers digital creators to monetize their content. Craft game assets, concept art, and more, and sell them as virtual goods. Join the Orbofi community and unleash your creativity today!

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What is Orbofi?

Orbofi is an innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform that allows users to generate and monetize their creative content. With Orbofi, digital creators have the ability to craft a wide range of assets including 2D game assets, characters, concept art, graphics, and media assets. The platform offers easy-to-use tools for searching, creating, and selling AI-generated assets in the form of virtual goods and community orbs. Additionally, each asset can be tokenized on the blockchain, enabling users to earn money from their creations in either cryptocurrency or traditional fiat currency. Whether you are an experienced game designer or a budding artist, Orbofi provides the opportunity to take your creativity to new heights and earn from it. Join the Orbofi community today to unleash your inner creator.



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Orbofi FQA

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  • Can I monetize the AI assets created with Orbofi?icon plus
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Orbofi Use Cases

Create AI-generated assets and sell them for crypto

Create AI virtual-good factory

Upload an AI-generated image and its prompt, tokenize it, and sell it for crypto

Integrate the API to your app

Search for AI-generated gaming and media assets, and their prompts

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