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Unlock the power of AI effortlessly with Outset.ai. Seamlessly integrate GPT3 and other language models into your products without any AI expertise. Develop, test, and optimize AI features with ease for maximum business impact. Discover endless possibilities with generative AI.

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What is Outset.ai?

Outset.ai is a cutting-edge research platform that utilizes AI technology to facilitate automated interviews. By employing an AI interviewer, Outset.ai enables users to effortlessly engage with participants, leading to in-depth conversations. Additionally, it intelligently analyzes interview transcripts, generating valuable insights for users.


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Outset.ai Use Cases

Get the insights you need at the speed your business demands, with AI-moderated interviews.

Conduct 1000 interviews at once, in any language.

Saves you time by only needing to be cleaned once a month!

Let AI synthesize & analyze your findings.

Get Deep. Fast.

Upload a guide or create one with AI.

Share your link with participants or users.

Watch AI dig deep and pull out results.

Designed to power a range of qualitative methods.

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