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Effortlessly save and retrieve research paper findings with PaperClip's smart search. On-device AI means no API calls or server costs. Get it for free!

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What is PaperClip?

PaperClip is an innovative AI tool catered towards researchers specializing in machine learning, computer vision, and natural language processing. Its primary function is to act as an auxiliary cognitive resource, aiding researchers in organizing their daily paper reviews and retaining crucial information from these papers.



Pros VS Cons

PaperClip offers efficient organization and quick retrieval of information, privacy-conscious features, offline accessibility, easy data reset, compatibility with various platforms, an extension for accessibility, and a search function.
However, it lacks multi-user support, automatic citation generation, integration with academic databases, a mobile app, collaboration features, backup or sync options, a tagging or categorization system, and text extraction capability.

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PaperClip FQA

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PaperClip Use Cases

Keep track of your daily AI papers review

Memorize details from papers in machine learning, computer vision, and natural language processing

Find back important findings

Memorize from everywhere: AI research papers, ML blog posts, and news

Get your findings back with a simple search

What you memorize stay on your machine: PaperClip's AI runs locally and doesn’t send data to any server

No external API calls: All your bits are saved and indexed locally

Offline support: Search even without internet connection

Clean your data anytime: Reset your saved bits in one click

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