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Streamline paperwork with Paperpal - the secure, user-friendly platform for organizing, sharing, and accessing important documents. Stay organized and collaborate effortlessly with our innovative tools.

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What is Paperpal?

Paperpal is the ultimate solution for busy professionals seeking assistance with their paperwork. Our service offers a secure and user-friendly platform to effectively manage and organize all your essential documents. With Paperpal, you can securely upload and store your documents, create folders for efficient categorization, and even share them with others. Our intuitive interface ensures easy access to your documents from anywhere, while our innovative collaboration tools help you stay updated and connected with colleagues. Additionally, our advanced search engine enables swift retrieval of any required document. Whether you're a business owner, attorney, or simply someone in need of organizational support, Paperpal is the ideal choice for your paper management requirements.



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Paperpal Use Cases

Boost your chances of success with real-time, subject-specific language suggestions that help you write better, faster!

Achieve 2x the writing, in half the time. Brainstorm ideas, create outlines, rewrite text and get reliable and original content, every time with Paperpal's generative AI toolkit

Deliver high-quality research articles faster with suggestions to improve language, grammar and readability as you write

Have a ready manuscript that needs review? Full language checks with edits in track changes and multiple free rounds to ensure high-quality writing

Work anywhere online with instant, secure, accurate language and grammar checks for academic writing

Writing a paper on MS Word? Paperpal for Word provides assistive writing with instant language and grammar suggestions as you write

Reduce the risk of desk rejections with instant, in-depth suggestions to help you polish your academic writing

Our AI algorithm ‘understands’ context, identifies complex writing errors, and suggests improvements to help you polish your manuscript in minutes

Based on 20+ years of expertise helping researchers get published and the work of academic editors, our AI technology provides instant editing that meet human standards

Our continually evolving AI engine ‘learns’ from millions of pre- and post-edited research papers to offer precise suggestions relevant to your academic field

Paperpal is built for all academics. Learn more below

Students: Find out more about how Paperpal can help you

Researchers: Find out more about how Paperpal can assist your research

Publishers: Discover how Paperpal Preflight can improve your publishing process

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