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Get high-quality training data for your computer vision, NLP, or speech recognition algorithms with People for AI, the leading French data labelling company.

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What is People for AI?

People for AI is a company specializing in data labeling services for training datasets. With a dedicated team of skilled labelers, state-of-the-art labeling tools, and a meticulous approach, we guarantee exceptional quality annotations.


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People for AI Use Cases

People for AI is a data labeling company that focuses on delivering labeled datasets for machine learning projects.

They handle complex images and text labeling projects and prioritize quality.

They can help define the right data annotation or tagging strategy for complex projects.

They have worked on projects in various industries, including microscopy, autonomous cars, infrastructure, and food & retail.

They ensure high-quality labeled data by only working with in-house labelers and providing regular communication and updates.

They are committed to GDPR compliance and prioritize data privacy.

They offer labeling services for startups, NGOs, and other projects.

They have job openings available for interested applicants.

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