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PhoonME - Commerce Thru Conversations

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PhoonME - Transform commerce with conversational power. Build customer journeys on WhatsApp, Telegram, or Webchat. Send updates, handle inquiries, and personalize assistance with AI chatbots.

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What is PhoonME - Commerce Thru Conversations?

PhoonMe is a robust conversation marketing and support platform designed specifically for Whatsapp Messenger. It provides advanced chat capabilities powered by AI, a CRM operated by bots, a team inbox for seamless customer support, integration with third-party APIs, a bot workflow builder, and a range of chat tools to optimize conversations and enhance efficiency.



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PhoonME - Commerce Thru Conversations Use Cases

PhoonMe is a highly innovative and powerful marketing solution for Whatsapp Messenger that is comprehensive and inclusive in its approach.

Utilizing natural language processing and machine learning, the AI Operated Chat can comprehend user requests and instantly offer appropriate responses, leading to a better user experience and increased customer satisfaction with the PhoonMe product.

By utilizing a Bot Operated CRM on PhoonMe, businesses can automate routine customer interactions, store valuable customer data, and streamline customer management processes to enhance overall customer relationship management and enable targeted marketing efforts.

Having a shared Team Inbox for customer inquiries and support requests can enable prompt and efficient response by multiple team members, improving the overall customer experience and providing valuable insights for informed business decisions.

Utilizing third-party APIs can expand the capabilities of PhoonMe by facilitating seamless integration with external services and automating workflows to provide valuable insights for informed business decisions, ultimately enhancing the overall efficiency and effectiveness of business operations.

By using a Bot Workflow Builder, businesses can easily create and customize chatbot workflows to provide a personalized experience to customers, automate repetitive tasks, and optimize resources for other essential operations.

With our Chat tool, you can streamline conversation and boost efficiency. Being in contact with your customers via live chat is the quickest method to provide assistance.

Our bot responses are immediate, precise and customized. Increase your page response speed by responding to inbox messages based on keywords.

For real-time, remote communication with your customers, use chatbot live chat. To find out how Smartbot can automate business discussions, request a demonstration with one of our specialists.

PhoonMe has provided assistance to various industries by offering solutions to enhance the business, optimize the marketing strategies, and propel businesses to new heights.

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