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Transform your photo game with Photoshed's virtual photo studio. Create a lifelike avatar and capture professional-quality photos without leaving home. Say goodbye to traditional shoots!

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What is Photoshed?

PhotoShed is a cutting-edge virtual photo studio and AI modeling agency that revolutionizes professional photography by bringing it straight to your home. With our advanced AI technology, users can now capture stunning photos without ever stepping outside. Our platform enables you to effortlessly hire virtual models and even create a lifelike avatar that closely resembles yourself. Experience the future of photography with PhotoShed's innovative solutions.



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Photoshed Use Cases

Take professional photos without leaving home using the AI-powered photo booth.

Create a virtual twin of yourself with an avatar that looks just like you.

Upload at least 20 photos of yourself to train the AI and generate a virtual twin.

Use the virtual twin to create unlimited photos and virtual photoshoots.

Hire AI-generated models and place them in any environment for your virtual photoshoots.

Access all AI models and use them in as many photoshoots as you'd like.

Digitize yourself and take photos of yourself anywhere.

Enjoy a full commercial license for the photos you create.

Take advantage of all the features offered by PhotoShed.

Lock-in beta discount with a special price of $29 per month.

Frequently asked questions about PhotoShed and its services.

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