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Discover personalized travel itineraries with Planit Earth's generative AI. Tailored to your destination, trip length, and budget preference. Click now!

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What is Planit Earth?

Planit Earth is a cutting-edge AI-powered tool designed to assist users in effortlessly creating itineraries for their upcoming trips. By simply clicking a few buttons, users can generate personalized travel plans that cater to their specific preferences. This innovative tool considers various factors such as the desired destination, trip duration, travel budget, and preferred activities, ensuring a tailor-made travel experience for each user.


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Pros VS Cons

Planit Earth is a web-based tool that simplifies the planning process by personalizing itineraries, allowing budgeting, incorporating user preferences, and offering a wide range of activities and accommodation level choices, with downloadable and shareable itineraries, traffic analysis, personalized offers, and access to new destinations using multiple sources.
However, it has limitations such as being limited to 14-day trips, depending on third-party data, having limited personalization options only for activities, lacking in-app booking, offering limited accommodation levels and only PDF downloads, lacking a mobile app version, potential privacy concerns with cookies, and providing a non-trip-specific newsletter and limited language options.

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Planit Earth FQA

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Planit Earth Use Cases

Planit Earth is a travel planning product that helps users create personalized itineraries for their perfect getaway.

Users can input their destination, travel duration, budget, and select their preferred activities to generate a customized itinerary.

The product also offers the option to discover hidden gems and less popular secret destinations.

Once the itinerary is generated, users can choose to receive it via email or download it as a PDF.

Planit Earth also provides support through contact options and allows users to suggest new features.

The product is available in English language and accepts USD as currency.

Users can subscribe to the newsletter to receive weekly deals, new destinations, and personalized offers.

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