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Boost your YouTube views on TV with QR-Tube! Easily add QR codes to your videos in a few simple steps. Customize, select, and enhance your videos for maximum clicks.

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What is QR-Tube?

QR-Tube is a remarkable tool that streamlines the task of incorporating personalized QR codes into YouTube videos. By offering effortless access to supplementary content or promotions, this tool empowers creators to enhance viewer engagement significantly.


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QR-Tube Use Cases

Boost Your YouTube Channel with QR-Tube

Boost your click from YouTube videos that are being watch on TV by adding QR code with QR-Tube.

How QR-Tube Works

Discover how QR-Tube simplifies the process of adding QR codes to your YouTube videos. With our automated system, you can create custom QR codes with personalized links and easily insert them into your videos. Adjust the size and duration of the QR code display to fit your needs.

Different Styling and color options

Update your affiliate/referral links to customizable QR codes. We are offering couple of styles for you to chose. Don't like default black color, no problem. With QR-Tube we can change to any solid color and/or couple of type of gradients. You can use even a image as color mask for QR code. QR-Tube is giving us the option to embeds our logo to QR code and crate really beautiful QR codes.

Video placement

With couple of clicks we can embed your beautiful QR code into any video that we selected. We need only to specifies QR code placement, starting point and duration, and click on generate. Rest is up to QR-Tube.

Choose the Right Plan for You

QR-Tube offers both a free and a paid option to cater to your specific needs. With the free plan, you can enjoy basic features and create QR codes for your YouTube videos. Upgrade to our $49 paid option for advanced functionalities and additional benefits.

Unlock the Power of QR Codes for Your YouTube Videos

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