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Quittr: Your ultimate app to quit smoking, set goals, track progress, and receive real-time support. Join our community for a healthier, smoke-free future.

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What is Quittr?

Quittr is a groundbreaking app created to aid individuals in their journey to quit smoking. By utilizing Quittr, users can establish objectives, monitor their progress, and receive immediate assistance throughout their quitting process. This app boasts an array of features including personalized health goals, customized tracking reminders and notifications, and a community forum that fosters encouragement and motivation. Furthermore, Quittr offers an extensive library of educational resources to enhance users' understanding of the health benefits associated with quitting smoking and the dangers of continuing to smoke. With its user-friendly design and intuitive interface, Quittr streamlines the process of quitting smoking like never before. Whether you have been smoking for years or are just starting out, Quittr is here to help you quit for good and achieve your health goals. Join the Quittr community today and gain the support necessary to bring about a lasting change.


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Quittr FQA

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Quittr Use Cases

Quittr is a stylish cigarette case designed to help you reduce and ultimately quit smoking.

The Quittr method comprises five stages: halving, becoming aware, taking control, reducing and quitting.

The first stage of the Quittr method is halving, where the Quittr cigarette case only has room for ten cigarettes.

The next stage is becoming aware, where Quittr's closing system can help you cut your daily dosage in half and become aware of your daily intake.

The third stage is taking control, where you define in advance how many cigarettes you will smoke in the morning and afternoon.

The most rewarding stage is reducing, where you will receive 10 aluminum plugs to help you gradually reduce your daily dosage.

The final stage is quitting, where Quittr can help you save money and improve your life expectancy.

Quittr offers three editions: Silver, Black, and Gold, each with a unique design and finish.

Customers have shared positive testimonials about Quittr and its effectiveness in helping them reduce their smoking habits.

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