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Run prompts effortlessly with Redmo's customizable templates, workflow, and API support. Share, automate, and unleash the power of AI with ease. Try Redmo now!

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What is Redmo?

Redmo is a website that provides a convenient solution for creating prompt templates with variable options and API integration. By incorporating variables and API support, Redmo streamlines the prompt generation process, making it easier to automate and customize prompts according to user preferences.



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Redmo FQA

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Redmo Use Cases

Use Redmo to create and share prompt templates with others

Customize prompt templates with variables and run them repeatedly

Create prompts workflows with Redmo to automate multiple prompts

Build apps or tools using Redmo's APIs and get instant results

Automatically split big content into small chunks with Redmo

Scrape the content of a URL and pass it to your prompt with Redmo

Upload files and let Redmo handle reading, splitting, and calling tasks

Test prompts quickly and easily on Redmo's webpage or API

Use Redmo's API to build your own AI products or tools

Share your prompt templates and insights easily on social platforms

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