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Boost your job application response rates on LinkedIn with Reel.fyi. Utilize AI to send personalized outreach messages easily. Experience effective networking like never before.

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What is Reel.fyi?

Reel.fyi is an AI Copilot for LinkedIn that serves as a valuable tool for job seekers aiming to improve their networking and outreach strategies. This free Chrome extension utilizes advanced AI technology to customize connection messages, ultimately boosting the chances of securing introductions, referrals, and interviews. By incorporating Reel.fyi into their job search, individuals can significantly enhance their prospects for success.



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Reel.fyi Use Cases

LinkedIn networking made easy. Less rejections. More interviews.

Say goodbye to tedious LinkedIn outreach and networking. Our AI-powered Chrome extension makes personalized connection messages help you land introductions, referrals, & interviews to boost your job search.

Built for job seekers, by job seekers

Reel.fyi can cut down time spent on networking by 90%.

Easy to use and effective. I'm able to 10x my outreach to founders.

LinkedIn networking has never been easier. Landed me many interviews!

This is a game changer for job seekers who want to go above and beyond.

It has 10x'd my outreach as a new grad. It's a useful tool for any job seeker.

I stand out by networking instead of just cold applying.

Reel.fyi helps you get referrals in record time and expand my network.

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