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Rerun: The ultimate SDK for logging computer vision and robotics data. Explore and debug your systems effortlessly with our powerful visualizer. Built in Rust for lightning-fast performance.

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What is Rerun?

Rerun is a software development kit (SDK) designed to log computer vision and robotics data. It also provides a visualizer to analyze this data chronologically. With Rerun, users can easily debug and gain insights into the internal state and data of their systems, requiring minimal coding effort.



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Rerun FQA

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Rerun Use Cases

Rerun is an SDK for building time aware visualizations of multimodal data. It’s used by engineers and researchers in fields like computer vision and robotics to verify, debug, and demo.

Get powerful interactive visualizations of live and recorded streams. Time travel through your data, dynamically aligned to any timeline.

Express the semantics of your data with Rerun's composable data model. Interactively build layouts and customize visualizations.

Use Rerun's dynamic schemas to log data in your own formats. Extend the Rerun Viewer with custom views or by embedding it in your own app.

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