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RocketAI: Unleash the power of AI to enhance e-commerce sales and design. Create, edit, and optimize product images effortlessly. Boost your advertising performance now!

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What is RocketAI?

rocketAI is an AI-powered creative studio that specializes in generating images and text assets that precisely align with the distinctive style of your brand.


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RocketAI Use Cases

Increase sales with better visuals and copywriting that perfectly capture your unique brand style.

Boost your productivity

Generate high quality photoshoots of your products with different backgrounds to showcase on your store or ads campaigns

Use your imagination to let AI generate for you hundreds of different product designs based on your product images

Use AI to generate new Instagram ads and social media posts tailored to your brand

Copy and paste your eCommerce product page url

Take a coffee while we train your AI agent based on your eCommerce data

Click create to let the AI agent create ads, product images, description and copy for your eCommerce

3 Agents + 3 Studios + 100 shots x studio$19 / month- 3 AI agents with a custom trained model- 3 AI Design Studios with custom models- 300 AI images 4K generation- 90 AI prompt assists

10 Agents + 10 Studios + 100 shots x studio$99 / month- 10 AI Agents with a custom trained model- 10 AI Design Studios with custom models- 1000 AI images 4K generation- 300 AI prompt assists- Priority support- Priority access to new features

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