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Discover the power of Rove, the AI-first photo storage app. Automatically upload and tag your media, then explore and find it effortlessly in a delightful graph-like database.

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What is Rove?

Rove is an innovative photo-storage app that redefines the concept of photo management. It offers users a unique networked memory experience by utilizing a graph-like database. With Rove, users can effortlessly store and organize their photos and videos, while also being able to easily navigate and discover their work through associations and nodes.



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Rove Use Cases

Store your photos/videos in a graph-like database. Rove will help you find and explore your work like never before.

Rove changed my entire approach about photo management. My hobby is interior design and now I can easily find and associate photos based on the specific mood, color or even the situation. I share a lot of home decor trends and Rove allows me to create nodes for all types of variable like marble, wood, vintage finds, etc. My graph becomes an organized version of my brain.

I was looking for an app where I could store all of my media but not only that, one where I could build a family “album” where we can just share photos and videos and explore them easily from time to time. The way Rove’s graphs work make that exploration natural and non-linear. Imagine my grand kids one day exploring all the nodes we are building today.

My business is about prototyping new products and part of the job is researching existing products that can provide answers for my team. With Rove we can easily make associations based on materials, functionality and many more. It’s been a game changer to move away from folder organization.

I am a wedding planner and have millions of images that are either about the work I did or things I jump to that could inspire my next project. Up until Rove finding them the way my brain works has been impossible. Now by just going into my Graph I can find them via associations, making it extremely easy to locate what I am looking for.

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