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Maximize your employee benefits with Sage, the AI-powered platform that guides you to unlock the full potential of your personalized benefits. Optimize enrollment and utilization effortlessly.

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What is Sage?

Job Magic Admin is a comprehensive administrative tool tailored for job portals and human resources teams. Its primary purpose is to streamline and optimize the management and supervision of job posting and recruitment procedures.


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Pros VS Cons

Sage offers personalized health and wellness advice, tailored exercise recommendations, custom meal ideas, and shopping lists, integrated goal tracking, and continuous progress support, making it a cost-effective and innovative solution for users seeking 24/7 accessibility and data-driven personalized insights.
However, Sage is limited to messaging apps, requires detailed survey completion, lacks real-time health tracking, a dedicated mobile app, and human supervision, while also being limited to English language and having limited health data sources and no immediate support options.

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Sage Use Cases

Discover the fastest way to recruit allied health professionals

Hire radiology technologists in 20 days or less

Let us manage your recruiting process and deliver job-ready candidates to you!

Step 1: Upload a job description

Step 2: Our AI finds matching candidates

Step 3: Our AI screens and qualifies candidates

Step 4: You conduct final interviews

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