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Boost your sales outreach with Salesrobot. Automate personalized messages, run LinkedIn and Email campaigns, and book more sales meetings. Supercharge your cold outreach efforts now.

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What is Salesrobot?

SalesRobot is a cloud-based tool designed to enhance sales outreach efforts. It enables users to automate cold outreach campaigns on LinkedIn and email, resulting in improved lead generation. By offering personalized messaging, advanced targeting strategies, and a mini-CRM, SalesRobot streamlines the management of all conversations in a single platform.



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Salesrobot Use Cases

Use Salesrobot to message 100s of people on email and LinkedIn every week automatically.

Try Salesrobot's sales automation software and get hot leads every day.

Salesrobot is packed with cutting-edge features like drip messaging campaigns with high response rates, advanced charts for data-driven targeting, keeping your LinkedIn account safe, a single mini-CRM to manage all conversations, sky-high response rates with AI-written content and images/GIFs, and highly configurable access management.

Personalize and automate your outreach on social channels with Salesrobot's personalized sequence feature.

Salesrobot's mini-CRM allows you to handle all conversations, never lose a single response, and write and schedule follow-ups.

Automate cold email outreach with Salesrobot by targeting prospects on LinkedIn, automating outreach with personalized emails, and setting up follow-up sequences.

Stop relying on personal connections and start generating high-quality leads with Salesrobot.

Get started with Salesrobot by creating an account, adding your LinkedIn account, and starting a campaign.

Hear from Salesrobot's successful customers who have benefited from the software's sequencing capabilities, AI functions, unique approach, and excellent results.

Book a demo with Salesrobot to learn more about the software.

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