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Discover products based on interests with SapienAPI. Utilize LLMs and real-time web search for powerful product discovery. Boost engagement and conversions with unparalleled customer insights.

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What is SapienAPI?

SapienAPI is a powerful platform that empowers websites to comprehend natural language using cutting-edge Large Language Models (LLMs) enriched with up-to-date contextual data from the web. With SapienAPI, websites can elevate their customer experience without undergoing migration or investing in new infrastructure.



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SapienAPI Use Cases

Use case 1: Enhance website search functionality with SapienAPI to understand natural language queries and provide relevant results

Use case 2: Implement SapienAPI to boost user engagement and increase conversions by simplifying complex user inputs

Use case 3: Integrate SapienAPI with existing search API and backend in minutes, speeding up development process

Use case 4: Establish trust and thought leadership with customers by providing reasoning behind outputs and reference sources using SapienAPI

Use case 5: Utilize the power of ChatGPT and Bing AI without the need for managing GPUs, fine-tuning models, or testing out prompts with SapienAPI

Use case 6: Pay only for what you use with SapienAPI, which is cheaper than GPT3.5 and GPT4. First 500 API calls are free.

Use case 7: Enhance website search functionality with the LLM Site Search Plugin

Use case 8: Explore the features of SapienAPI for improved website search

Use case 9: Join the waitlist for SapienAPI by signing up

Use case 10: Access the terms of use for SapienAPI

Use case 11: Review the privacy policy for SapienAPI

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