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Deliver impactful experiences with Sendoso: source gifts, manage surprise campaigns, and track success. Personalize at scale and show your customers you value them.

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What is Sendoso?

Sendoso is a leading platform that enables businesses to enhance their search engine optimization (SEO) by providing valuable insights on "What is" Sendoso. Sendoso is an innovative tool designed to aid companies in delivering meaningful experiences to their customers and prospects. This platform offers a range of features and functionalities that facilitate the sourcing and sending of gifts and swag, organizing surprise campaigns, and managing outbound shipments. With Sendoso, businesses gain access to a vast network of suppliers, ensuring quick and reliable shipping, along with powerful analytics to track the success of their campaigns. The intuitive dashboard provided by Sendoso allows for easy personalization and management of shipments at scale. From physical gifts and branded merchandise to hand-written cards and unique experiences, Sendoso empowers businesses to create impactful experiences that drive engagement and foster loyalty. By utilizing Sendoso, businesses can leave a lasting impression on their customers and demonstrate the high value they place on them.


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Sendoso Use Cases

Sendoso is a direct mail automation platform that helps businesses enhance revenue and make an impact through personalized gifting and sending strategies.

Use Sendoso to grow demand, increase engagement, and improve retention.

With Sendoso, you can boost your response rates and stand out in a crowded market.

Sendoso offers a one-platform solution that benefits marketing, sales, customer experience, and HR teams.

Sendoso enables global sends, allowing you to reach clients around the world with curated gifts and worldwide fulfillment centers.

Gong, a customer of Sendoso, generated over 400 new opportunities using their sending strategy.

Sendoso's platform is trusted by brands like Comcast, Nutanix, Nasdaq, and Lenovo.

Sendoso has been recognized as a leader in the corporate gifting category by G2 and other industry experts.

Explore Sendoso's solutions for marketing, sales, customer experience, and HR teams.

Download the 'Send and Deliver' ebook to learn how sending campaigns can enhance your marketing strategy.

Book a demo with Sendoso to see how their platform can help you increase pipeline, ROI, and customer retention.

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