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Create and customize stunning visuals with ease using Shutterstock AI. Generate beautiful images, illustrations, and videos in just a few clicks. Perfect for designers, artists, marketers, and content creators. Save, download, and share your creations effortlessly.

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What is Shutterstock AI?

ShutterstockAI is a revolutionary image tool that allows users to effortlessly create and personalize images. Developed by OpenAI and LG, it incorporates ethically sourced and inclusive visuals from Shutterstock's contributors. With ShutterstockAI, generating captivating and memorable visual content has never been easier. Its intuitive and user-friendly interface enables users to generate stunning images, illustrations, and even videos with just a few clicks. Simply choose your desired category, input your text, and customize the image to your preference. You can also tailor the images to suit your specific requirements by adjusting colors, adding logos, and more. Additionally, saving, downloading, and sharing your creations is a breeze. Whether you're a designer, artist, marketer, or content creator, ShutterstockAI is the ultimate tool for crafting breathtaking visuals that will resonate with your audience.



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Shutterstock AI FQA

  • What are AI-generated images?icon plus
  • Can I use these images for my personal or commercial project?icon plus
  • How does Shutterstock reward artists who have contributed to generative AI models?icon plus
  • It looks like a generated image contains a recognizable trademark, landmark, or public personality. Can I still use it?icon plus
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Shutterstock AI Use Cases

Create unique AI photos using our free AI image generator

Type a text prompt to generate AI images

Apply various visual styles to your image

Customize your image and experiment with different styles

Download your AI generated image

Explore visuals created with the power of AI

Generate AI images and customize in Creative Flow

Shutterstock compensates contributors for their roles in generative AI

Safeguards in place to avoid generating inappropriate content

Support for multiple languages in text prompts

Report any weird, offensive, or illegal results

AI generated images are safe for commercial use

Start making AI generated images by typing your idea

Provide feedback on the tool

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