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Get personalized answers from Simone, your personal oracle. From career advice to dinner choices, she offers tailored guidance. Trust her informative and optimized astrological/Fengshui advice, anytime!

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What is Simone - your personal oracle?

Simone is an expert who can provide personalized answers to a wide range of questions, including career advice and meal suggestions. Having an advisor like Simone, who is unbiased and doesn't require emotional support, can be highly beneficial. She offers valuable insights that are both informative and optimized based on astrology and Fengshui principles. You have the flexibility to either consider or disregard her advice at any time.



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Simone - your personal oracle Use Cases

Simone - your personal oracle is a mobile app that provides personalized guidance and insights for users. Users can install the app on their iOS devices by clicking on the 'Install iOS' link. Similarly, Android users can install the app by clicking on the 'Install Android' link. The app uses cookies to enhance the user experience and improve analytical capabilities. By accepting the use of cookies, users can enjoy a better site experience. For more information on how cookies are used, users can visit the Cookie Policy page. The app also complies with legal requirements and has policies in place to protect user privacy. Users can access the Cookie Policy, Privacy Policy, and Terms of Service by clicking on the respective links provided.

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