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Create and integrate AI characters seamlessly with SmartNPC. Personalized voice interactions, facial expressions, gestures, and actions for your game projects.

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What is SmartNPC?

SmartNPC is an innovative platform designed to cater to game developers seeking AI-powered characters. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, these characters offer unparalleled realism and create immersive interactions within video games.



Pros VS Cons

SmartNPC offers low-latency experiences, unique character personalities, and seamless integration with popular engines, providing a user-friendly solution for enhanced gaming experiences and immersive applications.
However, it is limited to gaming scenarios, lacks an offline mode, has limited character customization options, no support for non-English languages, and is dependent on real-time capabilities.

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SmartNPC Use Cases

Use natural language to create AI-powered characters. Integrate them easily into your game.

Have real conversations with AI-powered characters.

Craft unique personalities and backstories for your characters.

Bring your characters to life with unique and customizable actions, gestures, and facial expressions.

Characters are only aware of elements and knowledge within their own worlds.

Integrate with popular platforms such as Unity, Unreal, and NodeJS with ease.

Create unforgettable experiences with our AI-powered characters technology.

Scale your AI-powered experience easily with our streamlined solution.

Pay as you go with no complex licensing or long-term contracts.

Scale instantly with your user base with no need for complex configurations.

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