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Create your dream girl in seconds with SoulGen, the AI-based soulmate generator. Customize the appearance of anime and real girls using text prompts or built-in tags. Web-based and incredibly fast.

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What is SoulGen?

SoulGen is an exceptional AI image generator that enables users to effortlessly produce captivating artwork featuring real or anime girls using simple text or prompts. By harnessing the power of advanced machine learning algorithms and deep neural networks, SoulGen generates personalized AI characters tailored to user descriptions.



Pros VS Cons

SoulGen offers a free trial with a user-friendly interface, allowing users to generate unique copyright-free anime and real images based on text prompts, supporting commercial use and providing comprehensive terms of service and privacy policy.
However, the platform is limited to female characters in anime style only, requires signup, and can only be accessed online, with no option for offline usage or customization of art style, and no API offered, while also having limited pre-made examples and free trial limitations.

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SoulGen FQA

  • How does SoulGen AI Image Generator work?icon plus
  • Is commercial use allowed for AI-generated images?icon plus
  • Are AI-generated images copyrighted?icon plus
  • Will my AI-generated image be completely unique?icon plus
  • How can I get AI-generated images using SoulGen AI Art Generator?icon plus

SoulGen Use Cases

Create a real/anime image from text prompt

Make your generated AI character look like a celebrity or your friend

Edit your image by adding, extending, and removing content with text prompts

Expand your image beyond imagination with AI Outpainting

Generate a real soulmate with imagination by describing your dream girl

Customize your anime art and create animation in all styles

Use the AI Girl Showcase to explore AI-generated images

Use the Anime Girl Showcase to explore AI-generated images

Follow the 3-step process to get AI-generated images

Learn how AI image generators work

Understand the commercial use policy

Know that AI-generated images are not copyrighted

Ensure your AI-generated image is completely unique

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