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Improve language skills with SpeechEvalPro API - a cutting-edge voice AI model offering top-notch Chinese and English pronunciation evaluation.

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What is SpeechEvalPro API?

SpeechEvalPro is a cutting-edge API solution designed to provide accurate and reliable pronunciation assessment for educational purposes. This innovative tool utilizes advanced voice evaluation, speech recognition, and other core technologies to offer high-quality, multi-dimensional evaluation of Chinese and English pronunciation. With SpeechEvalPro, users can confidently assess and score pronunciation with utmost precision, enhancing language learning experiences.


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SpeechEvalPro API FQA

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  • What audio formats are supported for pronunciation evaluation?icon plus
  • What question types are supported, and what are the time and text length restrictions?icon plus
  • What are the pricing plans available?icon plus
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SpeechEvalPro API Use Cases

Voice evaluation API can be used to create intelligent learning products for human-computer interaction.

The API supports Chinese and English pronunciation evaluation.

The API supports HTTP and WebSocket protocols for simple access.

The service is stable and highly available.

The team has rich experience in serving primary and secondary school students in China.

The API supports multi-dimensional evaluation, including integrity, accuracy, fluency, and phonetic pronunciation.

The API supports evaluation of Chinese with Erhuayin.

The pricing strategy does not differentiate between question types and languages.

There is a free trial available with 5000 valid assessments and support for up to 10 concurrent connections.

The Pro plan is available for $499, with 500,000 valid assessments and support for up to 200 concurrent connections.

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