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Discover Stailor, the ultimate data collection tool for your store. Get personalized size recommendations for your customers. Try it now!

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What is Stailor?

Stailor is a tool designed to operate within a client's store, gathering data based on user requests. This data is then utilized to offer tailored size recommendations for a personalized shopping experience.



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Stailor FQA

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Stailor Use Cases

Use Case 1: Personalized shopping recommendations based on individual style preferences

Use Case 2: Fashion advice and tips from AI-powered fashion advisor

Use Case 3: Exclusive discounts and coupons tailored to the user's style

Use Case 4: Creating personalized profiles to discover fashion finds

Use Case 5: Overcoming sizing issues and confusion with brand sizes in online shopping

Use Case 6: Enhancing the online shopping experience with AI-powered fashion recommendations

Use Case 7: Saving money without compromising on style through discounts and coupons

Use Case 8: Expressing individuality and personal style through clothing choices

Use Case 9: Accessing expert fashion advice and style tips anytime through AI chatbot

Use Case 10: Inspiring and discovering new styles specifically curated for the user

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