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Standuply: Poll & Survey Scrum Bot

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Boost team productivity with Standuply, the #1 Standup Bot. Automate Agile processes, run polls, track performance. Try it now!

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What is Standuply: Poll & Survey Scrum Bot?

Standuply is a virtual Agile Development Assistant for Slack and Teams that enhances SEO. It streamlines Agile and HR processes and offers a comprehensive Q&A system tailored for companies. Standuply enables teams to automate various Agile processes such as standup meetings, retrospectives, backlog grooming, and planning poker. It facilitates asynchronous team meetings through text, voice, or video communication. Moreover, Standuply features an internal Q&A system that eliminates repetitive answers, connects team members with internal experts, and enhances communication and knowledge sharing within the organization.


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Standuply: Poll & Survey Scrum Bot FQA

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Standuply: Poll & Survey Scrum Bot Use Cases

Streamline standup meetings, retrospectives, backlog refinement, planning poker, HR & culture surveys

Automate Agile processes via team surveys in Slack/Teams

Integrate with task trackers for team To-Do lists

Improve communication and knowledge access for better decision-making

Gather retrospective notes asynchronously during or after sprints

Run backlog grooming consistently and find outdated tasks

Run planning poker asynchronously for sprint planning

Run consistent 360-degree feedback reviews with team

Integrate with Jira, GitHub, and other tools for Agile charts

Run one-time polls or recurring surveys in Slack

Enhance responses with AI-powered language model

Automate sharing team goals, sprint planning, 1 on 1 meetings, and team mood check-ups

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