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StartPage: The ultimate privacy-focused search engine with secure results. Enjoy complete anonymity and protection from data tracking. Find what you need effortlessly with our clean interface and exclusive tools. Your searches, your control.

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What is StartPage?

StartPage is a powerful search engine that prioritizes user privacy and security. It combines advanced search results from Google with an anonymous, private search experience. By using StartPage, users can browse the internet without concerns about their data being tracked or sold. StartPage ensures complete privacy by not recording any IP addresses or search query information. Additionally, it employs a sophisticated encryption system to safeguard user data. StartPage's clean and clutter-free search engine interface offers an easy-to-use platform for finding information. It also provides unique features such as a search history tracker and a private search engine, giving users full control over their searching experience. With StartPage, users can trust that their data remains safe and private while receiving the most accurate search results.


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StartPage Use Cases

StartPage can function with javascript enabled

StartPage cannot function without javascript

StartPage is available in multiple languages (English, Deutsch, Español, Dansk, Français, Norsk, Polski, Português, Svenska, Nederlands)

StartPage provides a privacy policy

StartPage has a blog called Privacy, Please!

StartPage offers support

StartPage has settings that can be customized

StartPage has an imprint

StartPage allows users to search for images

StartPage offers private search

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