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Swift Board: AI-powered brainstorming tool for real-time collaboration. Create customizable boards instantly, no sign-up required. Effortlessly generate session summaries with Chat-GPT.

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What is Swift Board?

What is a user-friendly AI-powered tool for real-time brainstorming and sprint retrospectives?"

This tool allows you to effortlessly engage in real-time brainstorming and sprint retrospectives. Powered by AI, it is designed to be user-friendly and efficient. With a simple click, you can create and share customizable brainstorming boards without the hassle of signing up or encountering hidden paywalls. Additionally, it offers the convenience of generating session summaries effortlessly through the use of Chat-GPT.



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Swift Board FQA

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Swift Board Use Cases

Revolutionize team brainstorming with real-time collaboration

Free. No sign-up required

10+ Templates for sprint retrospectives & brainstorming

No need to sign-up! Simply share a link with your team

Get instant AI-generated summary

Anonymous, so your team can speak their minds

Create your own template for brainstorming

Templates available for sprint retrospectives

Templates available for brainstorming sessions

Real-time collaboration with up to 20 collaborators per board

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