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Learn advanced language skills with Sygmatic. Our unique approach uses candid conversations from social media videos to teach useful phrases, natural pronunciation, and sociocultural awareness. Go from conjugation to conversation effortlessly!

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What is Sygmatic?

Sygmatic is a cutting-edge language learning platform designed to enhance comprehension of fast spoken language and slang, eliminating the need for subtitles. It employs an innovative conversational method that prioritizes practical and real-world subjects. Through its visual representation of communication, Sygmatic enables learners to grasp the subtleties, context, pronunciation, and emotions conveyed in native speech.



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Sygmatic Use Cases

Advanced conversational Spanish, French, & German

Understand native speakers

Speak fluidly with confidence

Learn practical, real-world topics

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Smart language learners use Sygmatic to understand fast speaking & slang without subtitles

Language learners traditionally struggle to understand fluid, natural speaking and strain to express themselves or talk spontaneously about practical, everyday topics

Sygmatic visualizes communication to learn the contours of fluid, natural speech so you can understand native speakers and express yourself in any situation

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