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Discover the best talent effortlessly with Talently.ai. Our AI-powered recruiting platform automates the entire process, saving time and energy for recruiters. Gain valuable insights and make data-driven decisions with our powerful analytics. Manage your recruitment efforts easily with our user-friendly dashboard.

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What is Talently.ai?

Talently.ai is an advanced AI-driven recruiting platform that revolutionizes the way recruiters and hiring managers find and hire top talent. This comprehensive platform streamlines the entire recruitment process, from sourcing and screening to interviewing and onboarding. With Talently.ai, recruiters can effortlessly identify the most suitable candidates for their organization and take proactive measures to ensure a successful hire.

The platform boasts a plethora of features, including a robust and user-friendly search engine, automated candidate assessment, online screening and interviewing, and applicant tracking. These features enable recruiters to save valuable time and energy by automating various recruitment tasks. Moreover, Talently.ai incorporates AI-powered analytics and reporting capabilities, empowering recruiters to gain valuable insights into their recruitment process and make informed decisions based on data.

To further enhance efficiency, Talently.ai offers a user-friendly dashboard that simplifies recruitment management for both recruiters and hiring managers. With this intuitive interface, they can effortlessly oversee and track their recruitment efforts, ensuring a seamless and organized process.



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Talently.ai FQA

  • How does Talently.ai conduct interviews?icon plus
  • How is candidate performance evaluated?icon plus
  • Can Talently.ai handle technical interviews?icon plus
  • What kind of support can I expect?icon plus
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Talently.ai Use Cases

An AI interviewer that conducts live, conversational interviews and gives real-time evaluations to effortlessly identify top performers. Say goodbye to manual screening and hello to smarter recruiting.

Experience real-time, automated interviews that emulate human interaction. Real-time evaluations, Human-like interaction, Automated scheduling

Receive insightful, objective scores for every interviewee, aiding in precise decision-making. Objective candidate assessment, Actionable insights provided, Precise decision-making

Input any job description from around the globe and watch Talently.ai conduct precise interviews tailored to the specified role. Role-specific interviewing, Tailored evaluation metrics, Tailored questions based on roles

Talently.ai can now conduct technical assessments through live coding sessions during interviews, allowing candidates to demonstrate their skills in real-time. Java, Go, Node.js, PHP, Python, Ruby, C#(.Net)

Talently.ai brings forth a new way to vet and hire your desired Talent.

No credit card required - Jumpstart your journey with a free 2-week trial. Monthly billing, Yearly billing

Basic: $79/mo, Up to 10 interviews per month, Ability to add Custom Questions, Live coding interview

Standard: $799/mo, Up to 100 interviews per month, Ability to add Custom Questions, Live coding interview

Pro: $1599/mo, Up to 250 interviews per month, Ability to add Custom Questions, Live coding interview

Enterprise: Talk to Sales, Everything in Pro, A custom number of interviews per month, Customizations as per your needs

1. What is Talently.ai?, 2. How does Talently.ai conduct interviews?, 3. How is candidate performance evaluated?, 4. Can Talently.ai handle technical interviews?, 5. What kind of support can I expect?, 6. Can Talently.ai adapt to any job description?, 7. How do I get started with Talently.ai?, 8. Can I get a demo of Talently.ai?

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