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Unlock the power of AI assistants with TeamSmart AI. Summarize, code, draft tweets, and more effortlessly. No login needed. Instant access to a library of quality prompts.

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What is TeamSmart AI?

TeamSmart AI is a convenient Chrome extension designed to offer users instant access to a team of AI assistants. This innovative tool enables users to effortlessly summarize content, generate code, draft tweets, and perform various other tasks directly within their web browser.


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TeamSmart AI Use Cases

Save money. We have everything in one extension for you to use. No need to pay for all these monthly subscriptions for every single task

Instant access. Open Teamsmart.ai instantly with our user friendly Teamsmart.ai chrome extension, harnessing the power of our platform has never been easier or more convenient.

Awesome Teamsmart.ai prompts. With a keyboard shortcut, you can access a library of high-quality prompts.

Super-powered AI team members. Ask about the current page, search AI-generated images, generate Tailwind components, etc.

Additional features. A Easy to use interface with color code previews, domain availability checker, customize code previews, etc.

Local data storage. Your data is stored securely on your local device. You can clear your messages at any time.

Your Top Sites. Quickly access links to your most frequently visited websites, conveniently displayed for you within each new tab.

Your Todo's. Keep track of your to-dos effortlessly with every new tab, ensuring consistent visibility and easy access to your priority tasks at all times.

Your AI Team. Effortlessly access your AI assistant team in each new tab, ensuring they're always ready to help and easy to reach.

Expert prompts to boost your productivity. Take the thinking out of thinking and choose from a huge library of Teamsmart.ai prompts for any need. Get more done in less time. Work smarter, not harder.

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