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Embark on a self-help journey with Therabot - privacy, convenience, and affordability in the comfort of your home. Start today!

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What is Therabot?

Jenkins AI is a cutting-edge self-improvement platform that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to assist individuals in overcoming diverse obstacles, encompassing mental health concerns and personal development.



Pros VS Cons

Therabot offers convenient and accessible analysis of WhatsApp chats with various themes, confidential analysis, and a supportive community, with a sample report and detailed FAQ section available.
However, Therabot is limited to Spanish language only, only reads WhatsApp conversations, lacks pricing information and individual therapist interaction, and has limitations on file uploads, max files, and no desktop app.

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  • Can you tell me more about your struggles with your self-image?icon plus
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Therabot Use Cases

Self-improvement powered by AI

Struggling with self image

Gaining weight and how to stop it

Managing weight and specific strategies

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