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Experience the groundbreaking TMRA game with immersive AI-generated storyline and graphics. Join forces in a unique cooperative adventure. Discover now!

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What is TMRA?

What is a notable innovation in gaming that combines cooperative AI-generated storyline and graphics?



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TMRA Use Cases

Bring your own unique story to life with the worlds first ai-powered story, prompting, and images /game/.

Enjoy the clever and fun achievements systems, the injury bleed out-effect, the companion sub-systems, and the dynamic tapestry of story, prompting, imagery, and eventually sound.

Share your completed story with others, send it to print, or print it yourself.

Hand pick your favorite images to add to a collection and share with others, or print them on canvas to create wall art or other print products.

Co-create a unique world with the AI, including a rich character backstory, dynamic goals systems, action prompting, story progression, NPC management, and amazing images.

Play TMRA now and immerse yourself in the unique story experience.

Have a quest or a story to share? Contact us and we'll get back to you soon.

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