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Touchbase CRM

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Streamline customer interactions with Touchbase CRM, saving reps hours of admin work and delivering high-quality data for sales leaders.

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What is Touchbase CRM?

Touchbase is a cutting-edge CRM tool specifically developed for sales representatives. This innovative platform efficiently converts various forms of communication, including emails, into organized data, ensuring effortless updates to the CRM system.



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Touchbase CRM Use Cases

Automatically turn every one of your sales interactions into detailed notes and structured data that syncs directly to your CRM.

Talk to your customers how you normally would. Our CRM connects to wherever you chat with your customers, from email to phone calls.

Touchbase handles all the record keeping. Our AI tool automatically captures the most important points, updating and populating your CRM seamlessly.

No more searching through transcripts and typing up notes. Get back to closing.

Salespeople can spend 25% of their day writing up notes and updating the CRM, which they could spend generating more revenue.

Use cutting edge AI to automatically update and populate your CRM directly from where you talk.

Want to see Touchbase in action? Request a demo today.

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