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Unbounce: Create captivating copy with ease. Our web app, desktop app, and Chrome extension make it convenient to ideate, iterate, and write engaging professional content. Boost your productivity with Smart Copy.

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What is unbounce?

Unbounce is a versatile landing page builder and platform designed to cater to the needs of small businesses, ecommerce stores, agencies, and professionals. It simplifies the process of creating and enhancing landing pages by offering a range of smart features like popups and sticky bars that effectively engage visitors and increase conversions. With the assistance of AI insights, Unbounce facilitates the generation of compelling copy for various marketing materials such as pages, ads, and emails. Moreover, it incorporates AI optimization capabilities that automatically guide visitors to the landing pages that best suit their needs. To further expedite the process, Unbounce provides a selection of industry-optimized templates to help users quickly get started on their landing page journey.



Pros VS Cons

Unbounce offers a wide range of features including natural language processing, machine learning, and tailored content generation, with affordable pricing options, high-quality output, and support for multiple languages and industries, making it effective for various marketing needs.
However, Unbounce lacks collaboration features, iOS or Android apps, offline access, customization options, automation features, data privacy mention, and API for integrations, with limited free plan and requiring internet connectivity.

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unbounce Use Cases

Get personalized sessions with our experts to recreate landing pages, improve campaigns, and more.

Build pages with smart features that get more sales and signups.

Create popups and sticky bars that grab your visitors' attention.

Connect your favorite marketing tools and add extra functionality.

Instantly generate copy for your pages, ads, emails, and more.

Automatically send visitors to their best-match landing page.

Get started fast with hundreds of industry-optimized templates.

Scale even faster with Professional Services

Our add-on Professional Services can help you solve complex integrations, recreate existing landing pages, and develop higher-performing campaigns.

By industry: Agencies, Ecommerce, SaaS, Small Businesses, B2B Marketing, Service Specialists

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