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Boost your hiring process with Waldo's recruiting automation. Say goodbye to time-consuming tasks like sourcing, screening, and scheduling. Hire better and faster with our powerful software.

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What is Waldo?

We specialize in recruiting automation, going beyond just software. Our solution streamlines your hiring process, enabling your teams to find and onboard top talent more efficiently. By automating time-consuming tasks such as candidate sourcing, screening, and scheduling, we empower your team to hire better and faster.



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Waldo Use Cases

Automate your top of funnel needs with Waldo. Visualize your sourcing pipeline and Hiring Metrics in our Client Portal. Watch qualified candidates show up on your Calendar!

Waldo does the heavy lifting building your hiring pipeline. We source the best hires from 200M+ online profiles. Sit back and watch qualified candidates show up on your calendar

Put your top of funnel on autopilot in 5 minutes

Join 50+ startups saving 327% more time hiring

78 candidates matched across 3 roles in the first month—2 candidates hired through our platform within the first month. Our monthly fee saved them $83,000 in agency fees.

Hired both a Staff Software Engineer & Sr. Site Reliability Engineer through our platform. Only 3 qualified candidates needed for each, with a time to hire of 15 days.

31 matches Sr. Software Engineer candidates in the first 2 months on our platform.

Hired 2 key engineering and 1 key product hires (all diverse candidates) to their founding engineering/product team.

Automate your top of funnel and have pre-vetted, interested candidates show up directly to interviews

Pay Per Match

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