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Generate professional sales proposals effortlessly with workifAI. Upload audio files or jot down notes, and let our AI create a compelling proposal. Train your custom model to improve with each use. Boost your sales game now! ๐Ÿš€๐Ÿค–๐Ÿ”ฅ

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What is workifAI?

workifAI is a remarkable productivity tool that aims to revolutionize the workplace by eradicating unpaid scope work and enhancing overall efficiency.


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Pros VS Cons

workifAI automates proposal writing, predicts project timelines, has an inbuilt CRM feature, generates professional emails, facilitates project management, improves with each project, and helps manage workload and enhance deadline efficiency.
workifAI is limited to freelancing projects, dependent on previous project data, may have inaccurate project estimates, has limited CRM functionality, lacks integration with other tools, and raises privacy concerns with client data, with no mobile application available and potential email deliverability issues.

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workifAI Use Cases

Boost Your Revenue with AI - Save 70% of Your Time on Proposals

Experience the Freelancer Toolkit of the Future

Smart Proposals & Self-Improving AI

Turn your client call notes or recordings into impressive proposals in no time. With a personalized AI model that gets better with each project, you'll see improvements every step of the way.

Project Duration Estimates

Let our AI predict project timelines for you, helping you manage your workload and deadlines more efficiently.

Client Management & Smart Emails

Keep track of your clients effortlessly using our built-in CRM and send out professionally written, AI-generated emails to share your proposals.

Easy Sharing & PDF Downloads

Share your proposals with clients in a user-friendly online format or as downloadable PDFs, giving them the flexibility to review and accept your proposals their way.

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