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Revolutionize your hiring process with ZapHire, the AI-powered recruitment tool. Screen, validate, and source candidates effortlessly. Trusted by 40+ million accounts from Linkedin, Github, and Twitter.

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What is ZapHire?

ZapHire is an innovative AI-driven recruitment solution designed to enhance the efficiency and speed of talent acquisition for businesses. By harnessing advanced algorithms, ZapHire effectively evaluates, organizes, and filters candidates according to their skill sets, experience, and proficiency. Moreover, it offers a comprehensive background check feature that leverages data from multiple platforms, enabling employers to make confident and informed hiring decisions based on accurate scores and rankings.



Pros VS Cons

ZapHire offers data-driven hiring, comprehensive background checks, rapid candidate sourcing, and a cost-effective sourcing solution with a large candidate pool and enhanced data using ML algorithms, resulting in improved candidate quality and reduced time-to-fill.
However, there is a waitlist before use, no apparent integration features, a focus on the tech industry, and a reliance on social media, potentially leading to bias in algorithms and a lack of offline usability.

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ZapHire FQA

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ZapHire Use Cases

Find the perfect fit for your team faster with our AI-powered recruitment tool. Our algorithms rank, categorize and curate candidates based on their skills, experience, and expertise, saving you time and money.

ZapHire's AI conducts comprehensive background checks on candidates, using data from top channels like Github, Stackoverflow, Twitter, LinkedIn, and ProductHunt. With over 40 million indexed accounts and specialized algorithms, we provide accurate scores and ranks to help you confidently choose the best candidate for the job.

Our Candidate Sourcing services leverage advanced AI technology to help you identify and attract top talent faster and more efficiently than ever before. Here are some of the key benefits that you can expect when you partner with us: Large Pool of Highly Qualified Candidates, Reduced Time-to-Fill, Improved Candidate Quality, Cost-Effective Sourcing, Reliable and Accurate results every time, Centralized all channels and social profiles in one place, Fast regularly updated insights so you can quickly identify the best candidates, Comprehensive rank and categorize profiles to show you the most important information.

We provide you with access to a wealth of candidate data, carefully curated to help you source, filter, and shortlist the best people in the market. We offer multiple relevant attributes to ensure you have all the information you need to make informed hiring decisions. Our proven and reliable profile data comes from top platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, & Github.

Source top talent for your clients faster and efficiently

Build a solid workforce for your startups right from the start

How Our AI-Powered Algorithms Work: Data Collection and Indexing, Data Enrichment, Candidate Validation and Ranking, Presentation of Results

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