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Empower your product team with Zeda.io - the Super app for planning, building, and executing great products. Collect feedback, define goals, plan your roadmap, and write clear specs for your dev and design teams. Boost productivity now!

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What is Zeda.io?

Zeda.io is the ultimate solution for product teams seeking to enhance their SEO. It serves as a comprehensive app that enables product teams to efficiently plan and develop exceptional products. With Zeda.io, you can effortlessly gather valuable feedback, establish goals and initiatives, strategize your roadmap, and create precise specifications for your development and design teams to implement. Elevate your product team's capabilities with the empowering features of Zeda.io!


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Zeda.io Use Cases

Capture customer feedback from multiple channels

Create product strategies and measure outcomes

Leverage the power of AI to build better products

Integrate with your favorite tools

Build actionable roadmaps and align your teams

Close feedback loops 10X faster with Release Note AI

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