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Supercharge your Android app with Zeeno - the ultimate ChatGPT keyboard extension. Boost productivity, generate text effortlessly, and unlock endless possibilities. Get your own AI assistant now!

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What is Zeeno?

Zeeno offers an efficient solution for Android app users seeking to integrate Carry ChatGPT. By utilizing our keyboard extension, transforming any textbox into ChatGPT becomes a seamless process. Enhance your productivity, effortlessly generate text, and unlock innovative ideas. Embrace the simplicity of having your own assistant and experience a more enriched life.



Pros VS Cons

Zeeno integrates with mobile keyboard, re-phrases social media posts, generates paragraph responses to emails, and can brainstorm ideas, boosting productivity and creativity while eliminating the need for multiple apps and web searches.
However, Zeeno is limited to iOS only, requires full keyboard access, is dependent on ChatGPT's limitations, may raise potential privacy concerns, lacks a desktop version, is not available on Android, and may disrupt the typing experience with no offline mode support.

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