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Supercharge your idea development with Znote AI. Instantly execute code, learn, and prototype faster. JavaScript, Markdown, templates, and AI integration for an incredible experience. 🚀🧑‍💻

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What is Znote AI?

Znote is a versatile note-taking app designed to boost productivity. It enables users to transform their notes into micro apps, offering a range of features to enhance organization and efficiency. With Znote, users can effortlessly create personal notes, prototype ideas, and seamlessly organize them into automatable tasks. The app allows users to establish connections between their notes using links, provides custom code completion for multiple programming languages, and ensures data security by enabling file encryption with password protection. Additionally, Znote empowers users to execute small code snippets, conveniently manage their notes using keyboard shortcuts, and offers various other functionalities to streamline the note-taking experience.



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Znote AI FQA

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Znote AI Use Cases

Turn your notes into micro apps with amazing productivity

Make links between your notes and simplify navigation with connections and dashboard notes

Powerful custom code completion & syntax highlighting. Support nearly all languages for better usability

Secure your files with a password to prevent others from reading your sensitive data

Run small pieces of JS/Bash/Shell codes. Quickly prototype and deploy micro apps

Find, navigate and run your notes like a pro without a mouse

A smartest way to prototype micro apps directly from your personal documentation

Make SQL Query. Install regular NPM packages to connect anything

Manipulate third-party services. Use our list of recipes to never start from scratch

Make browser automations. Make automatic actions to free up your time

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