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Transform your furniture retail business with Zolak. AI-powered SaaS for interactive 3D showrooms, delivering personalized shopping experiences and boosting sales. Engage customers with immersive product visualization and interior design ideas.

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What is Zolak?

Zolak is a cutting-edge 3D product visualization software designed specifically for furniture retailers. By leveraging advanced computer vision and AI technologies, Zolak revolutionizes the shopping experience for customers. It empowers them to effortlessly visualize and customize furniture products, elevating their overall satisfaction.



Pros VS Cons

Zolak offers a wide range of benefits including customizable product visuals, accurate sizing and scaling, virtual product try-on, and on-going technical support, which enhances customer satisfaction, improves engagement and retention, and increases conversion rates.
However, Zolak's limitations include its focus on furniture, lack of varied application, potential need for 3D modeling services, potentially complicated interface, and restriction to online retailers, which may limit its usability for smaller retailers.

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Zolak FQA

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Zolak Use Cases

Boost your customer confidence in purchasing by providing a virtual furniture showcase powered by 3D technology

Increase customer satisfaction by offering personalized digital experiences

Improve sales and reduce returns with our product visualization tools

Enhance the online shopping experience by bridging the gap between offline and online shopping with realistic product previews

Accelerate content creation and showcase your brand with photorealistic visuals

Provide customers with accurate sizing and scaling of products through AR technology

Save time and money by designing your own space with our intuitive interface

Offer interactivity and variability that goes beyond a traditional photo catalogue

Integrate our 3D product visualization seamlessly into your online store

Receive ongoing support throughout the implementation and maintenance process

Create high-quality 3D models for a better customer experience

Customize our solutions to suit your specific needs and objectives

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