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Top-Notch Music AI Tools: Your Guide to Excellent Digital Music Creation

by Freework.AI     Updated Dec 4, 2023

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, music technology has taken a giant leap forward with the advent of AI-powered tools. These tools are revolutionizing the way we create, modify, and interact with music. This blog explores a variety of such innovative tools, each with its unique features and offerings. From karaoke apps like Smule that offer an extensive library of songs and professional audio effects, to advanced AI music generation tools like Beatoven.ai, these platforms cater to diverse musical needs. They range from aiding songwriting with AI Lyrics Generators to offering voice platform capabilities like Kits AI. Whether you're a professional musician, an amateur, or just someone who enjoys experimenting with music, these tools offer something for everyone.

1. Smule

Smule is a karaoke app that allows users to sing over 10 million songs with scrolling lyrics, record solo, duet, or group performances, and collaborate with other singers. It offers professional audio effects, video filters, and opportunities to sing alongside popular music artists.

Smule homepage image


  • Weekly Subscription $13.00

  • Monthly Subscription $9.43


  • Access to over 10 million karaoke songs with scrolling lyrics

  • Record solo, duet, or group performances

  • Add professional audio effects

  • Host or join live karaoke parties

  • Record audio-only or add video filters and effects

  • Sing side-by-side with top music artists

  • Save or share recordings

  • Create personalized voice messages

  • On-screen pitch guide and original tutorials

  • Moments feature to sing favorite parts of songs

  • Freestyle mode for original songs

  • Join challenges and contests

  • Upload songs to the Songbook


  • Technologically advanced with a broad range of features

  • Large community for collaborations and duets

  • Over 100 million downloads

  • Real-time singing with other users

  • Karaoke-style singing with or without backing tracks

  • Social media sharing


  • Not entirely free, popular songs require paid subscription

  • Content not always entertaining

  • Presence of mean comments, common in social media platforms

2. BandLab AI

BandLab AI is an AI-powered music creation tool designed to assist musicians in composing new music. It features SongStarter, an idea generator offering musical ideas based on user-specified lyrics or emojis, and mood choices for track customization. Integrated with the Mix Editor, it allows for detailed editing of generated tracks. BandLab AI also includes audio transcription, AI-driven vocal pitch correction, and AI-generated chord suggestions.

BandLab AI homepage image


  • Free Tier

  • Monthly Pricing Options


  • AI-powered idea generator (SongStarter)

  • Integration with Mix Editor

  • Mobile app availability

  • Automatic audio transcription

  • AI-driven vocal pitch correction

  • AI-generated chord suggestion


  • Quick generation of musical ideas

  • Wide range of genres and styles

  • Collaborative platform for multiple users

  • Free tier available

  • Mobile app for on-the-go use


  • Generated ideas may lack originality

  • Limited diversity in musical genres

  • Possible conflicts in collaborative projects

  • Limitations in free tier

  • Possible inaccuracy in transcription and pitch correction

3. Kits AI

Kits AI is an AI voice platform primarily aimed at musicians, enabling them to use and create AI voices for music production. It offers features like AI Voice Conversion to change audio into another voice, AI Voice Cloning to create a personal voice model, and Text-To-Speech capabilities. The platform boasts a library of artist licensed or royalty-free voices and offers one-click RVC v2 model training for personal AI voice creation.

Kits AI homepage image


  • Free for early access beta period

  • Price unknown / product not launched yet


  • AI Voice Conversion

  • AI Voice Cloning

  • Text-To-Speech

  • Library of artist licensed and royalty-free voices

  • One-click RVC v2 model training

  • Upload existing .pth files to RVC v1 or v2 models


  • Enables creation and customization of AI voices

  • Offers a diverse range of voices, including officially licensed artist voices

  • User-friendly with one-click model training

  • Useful for musicians in music production


  • Limited to voice-related features, may not appeal to non-musicians

  • Pricing model not fully established

  • Dependent on the quality and variety of voices in the library

4. Beatoven.ai

Beatoven.ai is an advanced AI music generation tool that composes unique mood-based music to suit various parts of a video, generating unique royalty-free music.

Beatoven.ai homepage image


  • Free Trial

  • 15 Min Monthly Downloads: $3/mo

  • 30 Min Monthly Downloads: $10/mo

  • 60 Min Monthly Downloads: $20/mo

  • Buy Minutes: $1 per minute


  • 8 different genres

  • 16 different moods

  • AI composition of unique tracks

  • Perpetual usage license

  • Industry-standard mixing and mastering


  • Realtime customization based on preferences

  • Mood-based music creation

  • Industry-standard mixing capabilities

  • Opens up music creation for non-musicians

  • Royalty-free music, eliminating copyright issues


  • Learning curve for those unfamiliar with AI software

  • Potentially higher costs than traditional music composing methods

  • Restricts reselling music composed through its AI

  • Doesn't use video details while composing tracks

  • Lacks direct sharing on platforms like Spotify and Soundcloud

  • No Content ID registration capabilities on YouTube

5. Musicfy

Musicfy is an AI tool that enables users to create music with their voice, leveraging the latest AI technology. It offers a range of innovative features to enhance musical creativity, including AI voice artists, custom AI voice model creation, and a variety of genre possibilities. The tool streamlines music production, supports collaboration, and aligns artistic visions efficiently.

Musicfy homepage image


  • Starter: $10/month

  • Professional: $25/month

  • Studio: $70/month


  • AI Voice Artists

  • Create Your Own AI

  • Endless Genre Possibilities

  • Streamlines Collaboration

  • Copyright Free Vocals

  • AI Parody Voices

  • Create Your Own Original Songs

  • Royalty Free Albums


  • Innovative features for musical creativity

  • Streamlines music production and collaboration

  • Supports a variety of musical genres

  • Allows creation of custom AI voice models

  • Offers royalty-free vocals and albums


  • Pricing may be prohibitive for some users

  • Requires understanding of AI and music production tools

6. Moises.ai

Moises.ai is a music AI tool designed to provide an immersive practice experience for musicians. It allows users to play along with their favorite artists, remove or isolate vocals and instruments in songs, and customize tracks for practice. Key features include AI-powered audio separation, smart metronome, audio speed changer, pitch changer, AI key detection, chord detection, and more.

Moises.ai homepage image


  • Pay as you go ($0, with 48h temporary storage and 2 concurrent processing jobs)

  • Growth ($25/month, with 10 concurrent processing jobs, $25 monthly credit, 5% discount on modules, and 100GB permanent storage)

  • Enterprise (Custom pricing for advanced needs with high-throughput processing, volume discount, personalized data training, enhanced security, and priority support)


  • AI Audio Separation

  • Smart Metronome & Audio Speed Changer

  • Pitch Changer & AI Key Detection

  • Chord Detection

  • Stems Plugin

  • Voice Studio

  • Song Sections

  • Song Key Finder

  • BPM Finder

  • AI Lyrics Transcription

  • Lyric Writer

  • Chord Finder

  • Pitch Changer

  • Metronome Online

  • Vocal Remover


  • Versatile tool for musicians

  • Advanced AI-driven features for music editing and practice

  • Customizable for individual practice needs


  • Limited features in the free plan

  • Requires monthly subscription for full access to features

  • May not suit non-musicians

7. Soundraw

Soundraw is an AI music generator that allows creation of royalty-free music for videos. Users can select the mood, genre, and length, and the AI generates a song in seconds, which can be further customized.

Soundraw homepage image


  • Freemium

  • Paid plans start from $19/mo


  • Create music for videos, podcasts, social media posts, presentations

  • Customizable songs (intro, chorus, etc.)

  • Royalty-free, AI-generated music


  • Unlimited song creation by selecting mood, genre, length

  • Customizable songs

  • Royalty-free music, no copyright issues


  • AI-generated music can be repetitive or unoriginal

  • Free plan limited to 3 songs per month, no download option

  • Paid plans may be expensive for some users

8. Beatopia's AI Lyrics Generator

An AI-powered song lyric generator that provides ideas and inspiration for songwriters across various genres including rap, metal, rock, pop, and more.

Beatopia's AI Lyrics Generator homepage image


  • Not available


  • Generates song lyrics across various genres

  • Offers ideas and inspiration for songwriting

  • Allows editing and saving lyrics in one place

  • Generates contextually relevant lyrics based on user input


  • Covers a wide range of music genres

  • Provides endless suggestions for songwriting

  • Facilitates smarter and faster lyric writing

  • Comprehends the nuances of songwriting through machine learning


  • Specific pricing information is not available

  • May not fully replace human songwriters


The landscape of AI-powered music technology tools offers a diverse array of features that cater to different aspects of music creation and interaction. From Smule's karaoke fun to Beatoven.ai's royalty-free music generation, and from BandLab AI's idea generator to Kits AI's voice platform, these tools are reshaping the way music is created, shared, and enjoyed. While each has its pros and cons, they collectively represent a significant step forward in the integration of technology and art, democratizing music production and opening new avenues for creativity. This blog serves as a guide to understanding and choosing the right tool for your musical journey.

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